The 9 Best Tablet For Contractors – Buying Guide


When you’re on the job, working with your tablet for field work can be a big benefit for you. After all, it gives you access to the information you need in the field to increase your productivity and ensure that nothing is left to chance.

The best tablets for contractors are designed to be used both in the office and out. They should have strong screens, be ruggedized, and have cameras and audio outputs. It should also have a very good battery life, which should allow you to work for several hours without recharging the device.

Choosing the tablets for construction sites can save your money both now and in the future as you will no longer have to worry about damaged or lost data due to hard usage. You should also be able to get some great deals on accessories and software if you weren’t already aware of their availability.

The right construction tablet is more than just another touchscreen device. It needs to be tough enough to fit your industry’s demands, and able to go wherever you do every day. To help you find the tablet for surveyors and your business, we’ve rounded up this list of the best 7 tablets that construction businesses use.

Here are our top 3 choices for using tablets in construction work.

Best For

Product Name



Best Overall

Samsung Galaxy Tab 

Best on a Budget

MobileDemand Flex 10A

Best for Outdoor


Best Tablet Tor Contractors – Top 9 Picks

If you have a construction business, you know how important your work is. Whether you’re working on a new project, repairing an old one, or even just a small home improvement project, your time is valuable and you don’t want to waste it. That’s why we have reviewed the best tablets for construction workers that are durable, rugged, and have a good battery life so you can get the most out of your work.

1. Samsung Galaxy Tab Active PRO 10.1 – Best Overall

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active PRO 10.1 - Best Tablet For Contractors


If you’re looking for a tablet that has the capability to stand up to just about anything, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab Active PRO is one of your best options. It’s protected by MIL-STD 810G, which in addition to being shockproof, also makes it waterproof and dust-resistant.

Samsung always finds a way to bring its A-game no matter the field, and this tablet is no exception. It’s specifically designed for construction professionals who are looking for something that can handle being dropped, crushed under heavy objects, or doused with water on a daily basis.

Due to its IP68 rating, this tablet for fieldwork also protects against dust and other particles that could potentially damage the device.

This tablet has a powerful 64GB of storage space and 4GB of RAM to give you enough horsepower for all your productivity needs.

The 16:10 aspect ratio provides the perfect balance between using your device for annotation and using it as a workstation, allowing you to switch effortlessly from one task to the next.

During our test, we found that the Tab Active PRO lasted for up to 15 hours on a single charge. Also, we were impressed with its screen. It has a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels, and the display is great for working with documents and viewing videos.

Moreover, this tablet also comes with an S Pen stylus that’s compatible with any other device on the market. This means it can easily be used as an alternative to your phone or notepad if the situation calls for it.

Finally, it has both a front and back camera that is capable of recording high-definition video with outstanding image quality. With this tablet, you’ll always have an accurate shot every time no matter how far away your subject is.

Specifications of Samsung Galaxy Tab Active PRO
Processor 2133 GHz
Storage 64 GB
Camera Rear – 13  MP | Front –  8 MP
Screen Display 10.1-inch
Operating System Android
Battery Life 15 hours
Weight 1.00 lbs
Why We like it
  • IP68 dust and water-resistant rating
  • Can handle abnormal shocks without sustaining damage
  • Fast performance even on highly demanding apps and games
Take Note
  • Complexity and lack of user-friendliness may cause some difficulties for novice users
  • A high price tag can be a turnoff for customers looking for an affordable tablet

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2. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite - The Best Tablet For architecture


Samsung’s Tab S6 Lite is an excellent option for professionals who are looking for a tablet that has enough power to keep up with heavy-duty apps and games but don’t want to break the bank to get it.

It comes with a 10.4″ AMOLED touchscreen that provides a very accurate color reproduction and a vivid viewing experience, even in direct sunlight.

The sound system on this tablet is also very impressive with a quad-speaker setup that was tuned by AKG for clear, rich basses and crisp highs at all volumes.

It comes packed with a long-lasting battery pack that lets you watch movies for hours on end without worrying about your device conking out before you finish.

After testing the Tab S6 Lite for several weeks, we found that the included S Pen is a major bonus as it makes it easier than ever to personalize photos and videos and take notes without needing to charge.

We also found that the tablet’s S Pen magnetically attaches right to the back of the tablet, making it easy to pick up and put down without losing it.

Although it doesn’t have the same powerful performance as some of its competitors, it’s still more than capable of handling most productivity tasks at a satisfactory speed.

The 64GB of storage space also gives you enough room to store lots of apps and games without having to worry about running out of space.

This tablet is easily one of the best tablet for construction drawings who are looking for something that won’t break the bank but will still shine in any work environment.

Specifications of Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 10.4
Processor ‎2.3 GHz
Storage 4GB(RAM) + 64/128GB
Max Screen Resolution ‎‎2000 x 1200
Display 10.4 -inch
External Memory microSD up to 1TB
Operating System Android
Battery Life 13 hours
Weight 1.02 lbs.
Why We Like It
  • Price is very affordable
  • The slim metal design is lightweight and easy to carry around in most conditions
  • A long-lasting battery allows for up to 13 hours of use on a single charge
  • Comes with an S Pen stylus that can be used as an alternative or complement to phone calls
Take Note
  • Slow performance in some demanding apps and games

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3. Vanquisher 8-Inch Industrial Rugged Tablet PC – Best Value

Vanquisher 8-Inch Industrial Rugged Tablet PC - Tablet For construction workers

If you need a sturdy tablet that can hold up against tough conditions and considerable shocks, the Vanquisher 8″ is an excellent choice.

It comes with a level of durability and resilience not often seen in tablets on the market, which is what makes it perfect for working in harsh environments such as construction sites.

It’s also water-resistant with an IP67 rating, which lets it work underwater to a depth of 1 meter for up to 30 minutes. This makes it great to use in case you drop it in the pool by accident.

The 8″ screen is also a large screen and is perfect for working in environments that have a lot of details to keep an eye on. The screen is also something that should be mentioned about this tablet since its Corning Gorilla glass shield gives it superior scratch resistance and is highly resistant to cracking.

It also comes with a modern, fluid-like design that makes it easy to carry around in most conditions without any discomfort.

All of the hardware on this tablet is impressive as well. It’s powered by an Intel x5 processor along with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage for smooth multitasking and on-the-go performance.

Although this rugged tablet for construction is certainly not the cheapest, it’s undoubtedly one of the most durable options out there with a level of sturdiness that would make even Apple products green with envy.

At the time of testing, we found the screen to be bright and clear with crisp text and bright colors, making it easy to read whatever you need to work on. The design is also quite elegant with the backhand strap and strap made of durable, matte black nylon, which is the same color as the tablet itself.

All of the hardware on this tablet is impressive as well. It’s powered by an Intel x5 processor along with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage for smooth multitasking and on-the-go performance.

Although this tablet is certainly not the cheapest, it’s undoubtedly one of the most durable options out there with a level of sturdiness that would make even Apple products green with envy.

Overall, the Vanquisher 8″ is a great tablet for general contractors and an option for people looking for a tablet that can take a beating and handle rough conditions.

Specifications of Vanquisher Industrial Rugged Tablet
Processor 1.33 GHz intel_atom
Storage 64 GB
Camera Rear – 5 MP
Screen Display 8 inches
Operating System ‎Windows 10 Professional
Battery Life ‎8 Hours
Weight 1.39 lbs
Why we Like it
  • Extremely durable to survive tough conditions encountered in harsh environments such as construction sites
  • Water-resistant with an IP67 certification can be immersed in water up to one meter in depth for 30 minutes without any damage
  • Modern design doesn’t weigh much and is easy to carry around
Take Note
  • While not particularly heavy, it’s not exactly lightweight either
  • Price is considerably higher than other tablets on the market

4. TRIPLTEK Tablet 7″ PRO – Best for Outdoor Use

TRIPLTEK Tablet 7" PRO  - A Tablet For Contractors and architectures

For those who are looking for a device that can withstand the demands of construction work, this tablet from TRIPLTEK is one of your best bets. It’s made to protect against moisture and dust as well as shock damage due to falls.

Furthermore, its long-lasting battery life is also a good choice for those who need to work on and off-site and don’t always have access to charging points. It offers an 8 core processor as well as 4G LTE connectivity that allows you to stay connected even when you’re not working at your desk.

Its 1080P HD display is bright and vivid, which is ideal for when you need to check in on the project’s progress during your downtime throughout the day.

If you want a tablet that can handle everyday tasks without weighing you down, this is one of the best options out there. It’s versatile, durable enough for daily use, and won’t drain your bank account when you need to purchase it.

We tested this tablet for a month, and it’s worked well for us so far. It’s a bit heavy and big, but you can easily carry it around on your work sites. It’s been able to handle everything we’ve thrown at it so far, and it’s been durable enough to withstand all of our use

Its Sensors are also compatible with almost all drones currently available on the market, so you can use your tablet instead of using your phone to fly and record footage.

This tablet has a great storage capacity, making it suitable for construction professionals who work with large files on a daily basis. It comes with both 8GB RAM and 128GB ROM, which gives you plenty of space to store important data on the go.

It uses an 8 core processor that allows you to process the highest demands put on your device without sacrificing speed or performance. Furthermore, it comes with a 13.0MP back camera and a 5.0MP front-facing one so you can work in any conditions without compromising on your picture quality.

Specifications of TRIPLTEK Tablet 7″ PRO
Processor 2 GHz cortex
Storage 128 GB
Camera Rear – 13  MP
Screen Display 7 inches
Operating System Android
Battery Life 12 hours
Weight 2.46 pounds
Why We Like It
  • Fast and reliable battery life
  • Compatible with almost all drones on the market
  • Long-lasting construction design
Take Note
  • Can be too heavy for some users
  • Price is high

5. SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S7 

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S7  - Best Tablet For architects

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 is a great choice for anyone who wants a versatile tablet that can do it all. It’s the ideal device for all your day-to-day needs and has a powerful set of features. This tablet is great for construction workers and other professionals who need a device that can handle video editing or other high-end work.

It includes an 11.00-inch QHD touchscreen display, 6GB RAM, and 128GB of ROM, as well as an S Pen which has been improved from previous models to be even more efficient than before.

Its in-built quad speakers are perfect for giving your video the audio quality it needs in order to be broadcast to a larger audience, while its compatibility with numerous apps ensures you can get anything done on this device.

It’s also got great battery life, allowing you to work across sites without being tied down by wires or having to carry around a power bank.

All these features are included in this tablet, which can also be used as a fully functional laptop by adding on a keyboard for easier typing.

Its Screen is HD and gives you the picture quality your footage needs to meet broadcast standards, while its camera can also shoot 4K video.

When we used this tablet, we were impressed with the ease with which we could edit footage, and the tablet was so powerful that we didn’t have to worry about the battery running out. Also, we found that it worked really well for our purposes and had everything we needed. With solid battery life, it had a sturdy build quality. We also found the interface to be easy to use.

You can also use this tablet to charge other devices thanks to its USB-C port, making it even more convenient for construction workers who need to get on with their work while also maintaining their phones, tablets, and other devices.

Overall It has a powerful set of features, making it a perfect choice for anyone who needs a tablet that can handle their everyday needs.

Specifications of Samsung Galaxy Tab S7
Processor Octa Core (3.09+2.4G+1.8GHz)
Storage 128 GB
Camera Rear – 14  MP
Screen Display 11 inches
Operating System ‎Android 10.0
Battery Life 12 hours
Weight 1.1 lb.
Why We Like It
  • High-quality quad speakers perfect for video editing or conference calls
  • A high-resolution display is great for video editing purposes
  • 6GB of RAM ensures it can handle anything you throw at it
  • Strong battery life of up to 15 hours of use on a single charge
Take Note
  • Keyboard sold separately
  • Speakers are not particularly powerful
  • Price is quite high when compared to other tablets in the market.

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6. Apple iPad Pro 

Apple iPad Pro - best ipad for construction workers

Apple iPad Pro is a great tablet option for contractors who rely on the internet to get their jobs done. It comes with a 12.9-inch retina display, A12Z Bionic chip, and up to 10 hours of battery life.

The device is equipped with an 8 MP camera that is capable of recording 4K video and can also be used as a teleprompter.

You can also expand its storage with a microSD card of up to 1TB.

A new feature on this device is the addition of Face ID which allows you to log into your tablet without typing in any passwords, as well as make secure payments via Apple Pay. You can then unlock your device simply by looking into the front camera.

It uses an A12 chip to ensure it can handle anything you throw at it, while its screen delivers crystal-clear imagery thanks to its high resolution.

It’s perfect for any kind of video editing or other high-end work because it features a stunning Retina display with ProMotion technology, along with four-speaker audio and a higher refresh rate.

At the time of testing, we found the device to be very fast and responsive and is the best option for contractors looking for a professional-grade device. The iPad Pro is the perfect tool for anyone who works on construction sites, especially if they’re working on large-scale projects. It also has a powerful processor that can handle the work they need to do without a problem.

Its in-built Neural Engine is great for hardware acceleration, which makes the iPad Pro even faster to use and allows it to keep up with your demands better than any other tablet.

It’s the best ipad for contractors who want an upgrade from their older models, whether they simply want a higher-quality picture or are using their tablet for work purposes.

Its design is extremely durable, while Face ID ensures you can keep your data safe on this device even when it’s off.

It also works brilliantly as a laptop replacement, with its USB-C port allowing you to connect to accessories and other devices without any trouble.

Specifications of Apple iPad Pro
Processor M12 coprocessor
Microphones 5 studio-quality microphones
Storage 256 GB
Camera 12MP Wide camera, 10MP Ultra Wide camera, 7MP front
Screen Display 12.9 Inches
Operating System IPadOS
Battery Life 10 hours
Weight 1.41 pounds
Why We Like It
  • Liquid Retina display makes perfect for video editing or other high-end tasks
  • A12Z Bionic chip delivers performance that’s up to 30% faster than the previous A11 chip
  • USB-C connector allows you to charge your tablet quickly while still being able to connect other devices through it
Take Note
  • The keyboard isn’t included and it’s sold separately
  • Battery life is less than other tablets in this price range

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7. Microsoft Surface Pro 7 

Microsoft Surface Pro 7  - rugged Tablet For Contractors

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 has a sleek, lightweight design that will enable you to keep working for longer periods of time.

It comes with a 10th gen Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM, and 128GB of SSD storage.

The tablet itself is just 6.9mm thin while coming in at 1.73 lbs (786 g), which makes it both sleek and light enough to carry around without it ever feeling too heavy or cumbersome during the day.

It’s also the thinnest and lightest Surface Pro tablet they’ve ever built, with a bright and high-resolution 12.3-inch touch screen that is perfect for working on an array of different projects.

You get up to 10 hours of battery life and it even includes both USB-C and USB-A ports for easy connections to accessories and other devices.

This tablet is perfect for any workers who want to be able to travel easily while maintaining high-quality performance levels.

Its portability makes it the perfect tablet for construction workers who need a reliable tablet that they can work on from virtually anywhere.

When we performed testing, we found that this tablet was able to get through a full day of use, even while running multiple applications and editing files, without any issues even when we had multiple tabs open and multiple apps running in the background.

It has been built with durability in mind too, which ensures you won’t have to worry about damaging your device if it’s accidentally knocked over.

In addition, the Surface Pro 7 has been designed with a kickstand that adjusts any which way you want, allowing you to work on your tablet from an array of different angles.

Its ergonomic design makes it easy for you to get comfortable so you can stay focused on your work with minimal distractions.

Specifications of Microsoft Surface Pro 7
Processor ‎8032
Storage 128 GB
Camera Rear – 8  MP
Screen Display 12.3 inches
Operating System Windows 10 Home
Battery Life 10.5 hours
Weight 1.10 lbs
Why We Like It
  • Up to 10 hours of battery life makes it perfect for day-long work periods
  • Comes with a 128GB SSD for fast performance
  • Ergonomic design allows you to work on your tablet from various angles with minimal discomfort
Take note
  • No microSD card slot so you can’t expand your storage capacity
  • Price is High

8. SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S7 – Widely Used

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S7 


Samsung has certainly made a name for themselves in the tablet world with their impressive line-up of high-end tablets, and the Galaxy Tab S7 is one of their best offerings in recent years.

It features an elegant yet modern design that’s lightweight and easy to carry around in most conditions.

The color also looks fantastic, with elegant silver accents highlighting the black front-surrounding frame.

The back is also coated in an aluminum alloy, adding extra durability so it can stand up against drops without any damage to its internal parts.

The screen is also something worth mentioning about this tablet since its AMOLED panel gives it excellent color reproduction and contrast ratios that truly stand out compared to most tablets with lackluster LCD screens.

It has a standard 10:16 aspect ratio and covers 95% of the sRGB color gamut, which is perfect for media consumption such as watching movies and playing games.

During the testing procedure, the tablet had no issues displaying a lot of content, and it handled games and videos without any noticeable stutters or delays.

The audio quality was also great since it has four speakers that deliver crystal-clear sound without any distortions.

The tablet also comes with an S Pen stylus that can be used to write directly onto the screen or take notes without leaving any smudgy fingerprints behind.

As for ports, it has a standard USB-C port at the bottom for charging and data transfers, which gives it twice the charging speeds of most 5V/2A chargers thanks to its USB 3.1 support.

All in all, this is an excellent tablet that’s extremely fast and worth every penny if you’re looking to get the most out of your money.

Specifications SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S7 silver
Processor Octa Core (3.09+2.4G+1.8GHz)
Storage 128 GB
Camera Rear – 13 and 5  MP | Front –  8 MP
Screen Display 11 inches
Operating System ‎Android 10.0
Battery Life 15 hours
Weight 1.10 lbs
Why We Like It
  • Great display with vibrant colors, excellent contrast ratios, and bright high-resolution
  • Edge-to-edge glass ensures it looks great at all times
  • The stylus is great for drawing or taking notes without leaving any smudges on the screen
Take Note
  • While the screen is high-resolution, it’s not HDR
  • The metal back makes it a bit heavier than most tablets, but not excessively heavy by any means

9. MobileDemand Flex 10A – Budget Friendly

MobileDemand Flex 10A 


The MobileDemand Flex 10A is an extremely rugged tablet with a 6,000mAh battery that’s designed for fieldwork in the most extreme conditions.

It’s built to be water-resistant, shock-proof, dust-proof, and able to survive multiple 5 ft. drops without any damage to the display.

From an aesthetics point of view, this is not a tablet that will turn heads in any way with its extremely geeky look when compared to other tablets on the market.

It also comes with a stylus and it’s extremely light for being a rugged tablet that can survive harsh conditions.

The metal chassis makes this rugged tablet feel very durable and solid without adding too much weight to the device, while still making it easy to carry around in the field or at work.

As far as performance goes, the Flex 10A has an Intel quad-core CPU with 3GB of RAM, 32GB of storage space, and an Android 9.0 Pie operating system.

After testing the tablet for a couple of weeks, we found that it performs quite well in most tasks and the performance is great even when the battery is running low. The display is great for outdoor use, but we’d still recommend using it indoors for viewing videos and watching movies.

It also comes with a 10.1-inch 1280 x 800 touchscreen that’s bright enough to be used under direct sunlight without any issues, along with two front-facing and rear-facing cameras.

This is a very good rugged tablet and the best tablet for contractors at an affordable rate. Those in the field need a very strong and durable device for their daily activities without worrying about damaging the hardware.

Specifications of MobileDemand Flex 10A
Processor ‎1.3 GHz
Storage 128 GB
Camera Rear – 5  MP
Screen Display 10.1-inch
Operating System Android 9 Pie
Battery Life 6 hours
Weight 2.07 pounds
Why We Like It
  • An extremely solid design that can withstand tough conditions without any risk of water damage or other types of harm to the internal components.
  • CPU is more than powerful enough to handle most daily tasks, including running some games or other applications.
Take Note
  • No USB Type-C support (but this isn’t a huge issue by any means)
  • The keyboard isn’t backlit which can be a problem when working in poorly lit environments.

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What to Look for in a Best Tablet For Contractors – Buyer’s Guide

The construction site tablets are going to be something that meets your individual needs while also being the right tool for your job

When it comes to buying a work construction tablet, there are several factors you should consider before making the leap. In this buyer’s guide, you will learn about these factors so that you can make an educated decision on which one to purchase.


A battery that lasts all day – In the field, you might have to rely on your tablet for long periods of time without a chance to plug it in. A strong, dependable battery is crucial.

If you’re on the move throughout the day, from one location to another or constantly finding yourself near a wall socket, then you don’t have to worry too much about a tablet’s battery life. But if you work on the go, you need a device that will truly last all day, every day.

Screen size is important

If you are working outdoors or doing physical labor during your job then chances are that you will want to make sure that your tablet is not too heavy to hold up for long periods of time.

The best tablets for construction hands down are those that have smaller screens. That’s because they are easier to carry around and can be held comfortably in one hand while working with the other. If you aren’t sure about how big your screen needs to be, you can always opt for an 8-inch or 10-inch tablet and see if it works out for you.

Ruggedness is crucial

A construction site is often a very demanding, harsh environment where you will be working in. You need to make sure that your tablet has the durability required to withstand such conditions and protect your data as well as your productivity.

When it comes to the construction industry, you cannot compromise on quality and durability, so you would need a tablet that can survive extreme conditions resulting from moisture exposure, high or low temperatures, dirt, dust, etc.

Android vs iOS

Most contractors will choose between an Android or an iOS tablet based on what they are most familiar with and what they can afford. There isn’t really a clear winner here, but if you are thinking about getting an Android tablet, it is nice to know that the market has many more choices available than iOS does.

You should never skimp out on storage

Nowadays almost all tablets for contractors have a decent amount of storage space, but it’s always better to get as much storage as you can afford. Although you may not need a tablet with more storage than that, in the future it might be useful for you to store large amounts of data such as videos, images, and other files on your device.


The price range for tablets for construction is pretty big, and you can find good options at every price point.

A basic tablet is going to cost anywhere from $100 to around $200. But if you want a high-end device, you will have to spend over $500. Of course, the more expensive smartphones are usually packed with all of the latest features and hardware, but it’s up to you to decide how much you want to spend on your tablet.


A tablet that can be easily carried around is always a plus. If you want to make sure your tablet doesn’t weigh down your bag, then you should consider getting an iPad mini or any other 7-inch tablet.

The size of the screen and its weight will usually determine how portable your construction tablet is. If you want to hold your tablet comfortably in one hand, then you should go for a small device with an 8-inch or 10-inch screen.

Screen resolution

The resolution of the screenplays a big part in determining how easy it is to read text on the tablet. So if you rely mostly on documents, texts, and symbols rather than images, then you should make sure that your tablet has a high-resolution screen.

But if your work involves watching videos or playing games on a regular basis, then it is even more important for the screen to have sharp colors and deep contrasts. In this case, it would be better if you went with a device that had an HD or a Retina display.

What are the Major Uses of Contractors Tablets?

A good tablet for field work is designed to be used in both the office and out in the field. You can use the tablet for several works to fulfill your tasks easily o time. It should have a very good battery life, which should allow you to work for several hours without recharging it. This means that you won’t have to worry about your device’s battery cutting off when you need it the most. It also includes a camera to help you get work done that is based on visual information, such as viewing blueprints or seeing the items in person.

The major uses of contractors tablets are  as follows:

1. Take pictures and videos, and save them on your tablet for future reference.

2. Used for Utility work, line checks/readings, etc…

3. Cloud storage to access important information like project plans etc…

4. Communication with team members

5. GPS tracking software so all your field employees are on the same page.

6. Contractors Apps that make it simple to complete routine tasks.

7. Enter billable hours for time and expenses

8. Save project plans, specs, and sketches in case of emergencies so everyone can access them without having to email them back-and-forth between locations/employees.

9. Used to inventory project supplies and equipment, so you always have what you need on hand.

10. Use the tablet for bid requests and create quotations for your projects

11. Distribute forms that your employees are required to fill out every day (which would include: accident reports, daily inspection sheets, etc…) so everyone is on the same page.

12. Send pictures of the damage to properties that you’re inspecting with your tablet so people know what needs to be repaired before closing.

13. Access your business email, and access cloud storage apps (like Dropbox) for even more storage space and file-sharing capabilities with your team members and clients/customers.

14. Access your business website and online contracts to save time.

15. Mobile office suite apps so you can create and edit documents while on the go.

16. Apps that allow you to sign, complete, and return forms securely with your tablet (like eSignature).

17. Ensure safety compliance by allowing all your employees to have access to safety manuals, company policies, and OSHA guidelines.

18. Use GPS apps that allow you to view field employee locations so you know where everyone is and if they’re on the right job site/Jobsite at all times.

19. Access online training courses for your employees on the go.

20. Access online project management software so everyone is on the same page with their projects and can add comments and updates when needed

Why Is There a Need for Tablets for Architects and Contractors

There are several reasons why a tablet is a perfect device for these professionals:

1. One of the big benefits is that you can finally leave the heavy and cumbersome laptop behind, especially when you move around a lot.

2. Of course, carrying a tablet with you comes at a price. But nowadays devices are so powerful and compact that they become more than just an alternative to laptops – they actually offer some advantages. You can always connect a keyboard to your tablet, for instance, and know that most models come with the option of LTE (or 4G) connectivity, you can use them almost like smartphones. This means that you will always be able to write and edit even when there is no Wi-Fi connection available.

3. They are more affordable than laptops.

4. Tablets are not only useful on the job but also when you get home. For example, they can be really useful for getting creative with architecture-related tasks, such as making floor plans or 3D designs. Some tablets even have detachable/foldable keyboards so that you can get real work done.

5. Their compact size and ease of use make tablets the ideal devices for doing presentations in front of clients or potential investors. This is something that most contractors will encounter at least once during their career, so investing in a good tablet might be the best way to prepare yourself.

6. The latest models can even replace (or at least significantly reduce) your daily cellphone usage. So, if you are thinking about buying a new device anyway, it makes sense to choose one that has all the features of both a tablet and a phone rolled into one.

7. Most tablets come with front-facing cameras these days, so they can also be used for video chats (Skype, for instance).

8. They can be used in conjunction with an Internet of Things (IoT) system when you work on a site, which makes them more useful for architects and contractors. This is because IoT systems let you check data such as gas levels, humidity levels, weather conditions, and so on. They also make it easier to track the condition of your equipment (such as HVAC units).

Best Apps for Construction Workers

Whether you’re a construction worker or you just like to be a jack of all trades, it’s important to have the right apps on your phone or tablet.

Here are some of the best apps that construction workers need on their mobile devices.

1. FingerCAD

This is a 3D modeling app that’s compatible with iOS and Android devices. It allows you to create 3D models from photos, videos, and drawings. It also comes with a great feature that allows you to create accurate models in a short amount of time.

You can use this app to create models for interior design, landscape design, or any other type of design. You can also use this app to create models of structures and construction projects.

2. GoBIM

This is a construction management app that allows you to create work orders, schedules, and invoices. It also allows you to keep track of all the different projects you’re working on at any given time.

This app allows you to keep track of all the details related to a project and you can also add notes, photos, and other important details. You can also access the app from any location and view all the information on your mobile device.

3. Carpenter’s Helper Lite

This is a very handy app that allows you to view the dimensions of your projects. It’s an easy-to-use app that’s perfect for construction workers and DIYers.

You can create a project plan for any project you’re working on, and you can also measure the length and width of any objects you’re working with. You can even use the app to create a list of all the materials you’ll need for your project.

4. Truckast

This is a great app that allows you to view all the details of your truck, including the dimensions, weight, engine size, and fuel efficiency. It’s a must-have app for construction workers and drivers.

It’s also a great app for those who are planning on buying a new truck. You can easily see all the details and you can even compare the features of different trucks before making your purchase.

5. Roofing Calculator

This is a great app for those who are interested in the roofing industry. It allows you to calculate the total cost of a roof and how much it will cost to repair or replace a roof.

It’s a great app for construction workers and roofers and it can help them figure out the total cost of a roof before they start working on the project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Tablets Have Cellular Capabilities?

A tablet is a mobile computer, also known as a handheld PC, and it is designed to operate with a touchscreen display.

However, almost all “Tablets” nowadays do not have cellular capabilities such as the Apple iPad Air 2, which does not support 3G/ 4G LTE for wireless carriers or SIM cards.

What are the Advantages of using a Contractor Tablet?

A tablet is much lighter than a laptop or mobile phone, which makes it more comfortable to carry around. They also typically have larger screens and batteries that last longer than those in smartphones and laptops. Tablets can be used anywhere, whether you’re at home or on-site.

Can you Use a contractor Tablet as an E-reader?

Yes, you can use a tablet for construction as an e-reader to read books, pdf files and documents stored in the cloud or on your device.

Do Contractor Tablets Work With Microsoft Office?

The latest versions of the Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, PowerPoint, and Word) are compatible with Android tablets.

What other tasks can you Do With a contractor Tablet besides reading Books?

You can check your email on your tablet, surf the web to find plans and documents, play music or videos for entertainment purposes, etc.

Can Tablets be Used for GPS Navigation?

Yes, you can use contractor tablets to navigate the job site or your route from one location to another.

Are the contractor’s Tablets Helpful?

Contractors’ tablet is most generally used by the construction workers who need to carry a laptop. These tablets are able to do pretty much everything that those computers can do at such lower prices and easily portable sizes. It can be an ideal replacement for your desktop and traditional laptops.

 Are contractor’s Tablets Really Portable?

As discussed earlier, due to their small size and lightweight, contractor tablets are really portable. You can carry these devices with you wherever you go. What’s more, they even have enough battery life so that contractors don’t need to charge them for days or at least half of the week.

Are tablets water resistant?

There are some tablets that are specially designed for outdoor tasks such as working on construction sites and are made waterproof and dustproof. But water resistance doesn’t mean that you can take it diving with you or read it when you take a shower. Water-resistant means that you can use the tablet in a rainstorm or by the pool without having to worry about anything happening to it.

Can you run AutoCAD on a tablet?

Are you looking to run AutoCAD on a tablet? You may be surprised to see that the mobile version of AutoCAD is not as good as you would think it is. The problem is that the mobile version of AutoCAD is not the full program. Luckily, there is a small section of tools available through the mobile device that are useful for field users. The biggest advantage it offers over running on a desktop is portability for take-along design.

Is iPad good for construction?

The iPad from Apple is an elegant tablet with a wide range of applications that works great for construction tasks. With this device, you can make notes, take pictures of blueprints, and draw sketches with a very responsive apple pencil. The iPad is also perfect for work in the field because it is portable and is easy to use with one hand.

Final Thoughts

All of the tablets reviewed above are good choices for someone working in the construction industry. Of course, they will not all be perfect for you depending on your individual needs and preferences. So if you haven’t made up your mind yet, take a closer look at each tablet to determine which one will fit your lifestyle best.

It’s up to you to decide which device is best for your needs. If you want something that can easily carry around with a lot of storage space then the iPad Pro might be worth the price tag it comes with.

On the other hand, if you are looking for an Android tablet that is cheap and can fit in your pocket, then getting a Samsung Galaxy Tab Active Pro can be a great choice.

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