How to Draw Smooth lines in Photoshop With a Tablet – Tips and Guide

How to Draw Smooth lines in Photoshop With a Tablet
How to Draw Smooth lines in Photoshop With a Tablet

Usually, if you draw something in Photoshop by hand, it will look really jagged and kind of chunky. It won’t flow as a pen or marker would. Because the brush tool is so difficult to get the hang of, it is easier just to use the Pen Tool to create smooth paths that can then be stroked into nice smooth lines.

There are a lot of ways to draw smooth lines in Photoshop on your Tablet. But everyone seems to be using the brush tool. And while that works great for some types of paths, if you want to create something like an organic line drawing it won’t work so well. Or pretty much any type of drawn line art that doesn’t look blocky and pixelated. The best solution is to use what’s known as the Photoshop Pen Tool.

There are several ways to create a smooth line drawing in Photoshop, each with its own pros and cons. The most common method is using the Pen Tool. Since it’s possible to create curves and not just straight lines, the Pen Tool is usually preferred over the Brush Tool for this task. However, using the Pen Tool can sometimes be tedious and difficult to control accurately. And if your hand isn’t steady enough to draw straight lines with a mouse or trackpad which, let’s be honest, isn’t always easy chances are that using the Pen Tool will be way more difficult for you. Luckily there are other ways to create smooth line drawings in Photoshop without having to rely on the Pen Tool all that much.

How to draw smooth lines in photoshop with a tablet – Top Tested Methods

Android tablet drawing with Photoshop, Smooth line drawings will be easier and quicker to create and edit on your computer when you use a professional graphic tablet.

Here are some methods about how to draw smooth lines in photoshop with a tablet:

1. Shapes Tool

The Shape Tool in Photoshop is fantastic because it allows you to create complex shapes that don’t have to follow your mouse or pen. It’s great for things like buildings, plants, and furniture because while those might look simple from far away, they are actually a combination of several different shapes. The Shape Tool makes it easy to just create the shapes you need and then rearrange them into a drawing at any time.

2. Pen Tool

When it comes to drawing in Photoshop, there are few tools more helpful than the Pen Tool. It allows you to create paths of virtually any shape and gives you a great deal of control over how smooth or jagged your lines end up being. There are some drawbacks to using the Pen Tool if you’re just starting out, but once you get past those initial difficulties, it’s one of the best ways to create clean-looking lines.

3. Vector Smart Object

If your drawing will require several different individual lines, it’s easier to use the Shape Tool method, but if you only have one or two single paths that you want to be smooth, it’s best to convert those paths to Smart Objects. In Photoshop CS5 and up, you can do that by going to Layer > Create Work Path > Convert To Smart Object. This will increase the vector quality of your lines immensely for a smoother result.

4. Rounded Rectangle Tool

A lot of people like using the Rounded Rectangle Tool because it’s easy to control and not too difficult to get used to. It makes it easy to create smooth curves and shapes, but the result is usually a little bit more chunky than what you’d get with the Pen Tool or Shape Tool.

5. Pressure Sensitivity / Stylus

If you’re using a Wacom tablet, or any other stylus device, pressure sensitivity can be a great way to get precise lines when drawing. However, it isn’t always the most convenient way to draw particularly if you’re trying to do things quickly by hand.

Photoshop Pen Tool vs Tablet Brush Tool

The Pen Tool and the Brush Tool have the same basic function. They both allow you to create paths by hand and then stroke them with different brush tips to create lines of different widths and weights. However, they are very different tools that can be used for different purposes. If you want to draw smooth lines in Photoshop, the Pen Tool is your best bet.

Android tablet drawing with Photoshop on PC

If you want to draw smooth lines in Photoshop by hand, a professional drawing tablet like the Wacom Intuos is best for you. Tablet brush vs mouse: Creative Bloq explains why tablets are still better than pens and mice for graphic design. If you draw really fast and have a steady hand, a mouse will suffice. But if you’re trying to work in fine line detail or sketch something out quickly, using a drawing tablet is going to be way easier and more accurate for you than using the computer’s default input devices (e.g., the touchpad on your laptop or the stylus that came with your smartphone). The advantages of using a drawing tablet are especially true for digital painting.

Final Words

Before starting a piece of digital artwork, it’s a good idea to think about what you’re going to draw before actually putting it down on paper.

The conclusion of this article is that to make your drawing look better, you should first choose the proper tools. If you want to draw a lot quickly with little control, then use the Pen Tool and Shape Tool method or pressure sensitivity stylus. If you aren’t working against a deadline, it’s great to try out using the Rounded Rectangle Tool and the Pen Tool for more stylistic shapes and lines. In general, however, it’s best to use the Shape Tool method with Smart Objects.

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