How To Transfer Music From Tablet To mp3 Player – Latest Guide

How To Transfer Music From Tablet To mp3 Player
How To Transfer Music From Tablet To mp3 Player

With the tablet PC entering into our daily life, it is no longer a luxury. We can enjoy watching videos, listening to music on the Internet and check e-mails with it. So as many people have bought such tablet PCs as iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tablet Pc, and Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet to use them at work or home.

And for the majority of people, once they bought a tablet PC, they will think about how to transfer music from iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tablet Pc, and Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet.

If you want to transfer your favorite music files to these devices before uploading them on the Internet or saving them to other media players for private listening, then this article can give you some precious suggestions.

How Do you transfer music from tablet to mp3 player – Easy Steps

This guide will focus on transferring the music from tablet to an MP3 player. Here are some steps to follow

Step 1. Download and run the program on your tablet and connect your MP3 player to it via a USB cable. Select the “Transfer” option from the interface and click “Music”. Then you will see all music files saved in your device appear on the list of files to be transferred. Select those you want, transfer them to your hard disk, and then disconnect your MP3 player from the Tablet.

Step 2. Find out where are saved music files are on your tablet and copy them into some folder in your MP3 player according to the file names of these music files, such as Music Folder, Artist1, or Album1. Then open this folder to import music files you want to transfer from the computer into your MP3 player.

Step 3. Once you have finished transferring music files, connect your MP3 player to your tablet and click the “Import” button from the interface of the program to sync music files on your device with those saved in it.

Step 4. After that, you may enjoy these great songs on your MP3 player.

Note: After transferring the music files, you need to remember that if you want to transfer newly added or some other selected songs in your device to your MP3 player, you have to disconnect them by pressing the “Stop” button from the Transfer Interface of the program and then adding more files by clicking “Add Files” option again.

Final Words

This guide shows you how to transfer music from tablet to MP3 player if you want to enjoy the music files on your device. Although it is a little troublesome, it still has some advantages. First of all, with this method, we can listen to songs on our MP3 player with high quality and without worrying about storage capacity, unlike other methods which stream songs from the Internet to MP3 player directly. Second, we can upload or save them to others.

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