How to Use Pen Tablet in Photoshop – Top Suggestions

How to Use Pen Tablet in Photoshop
How to Use Pen Tablet in Photoshop

Pen tablet in photoshop allows you to create an image for your business very quickly. The pen tablet is this very useful accessory for in photoshop and if you know then how to use it properly you can work on the computer in a more convenient manner.

When you start working with a Pen tablet in Photoshop, you might need to set it up. And this is because although all graphic tablets work just fine out of the box, sometimes you will need some further customization for it to work perfectly.

Trying to make your pen tablet work properly with Photoshop can be a frustrating experience. But thankfully, there is a simple fix that you can apply to get the best performance from your graphics tablet when using Photoshop. After reading this article you will be able to easily set up your pen tablet and make it work optimally regardless of the device you own.

Setting up your graphic tablet on Photoshop is a relatively simple process but there are a couple of things you should pay attention to.

How to use pen tablet in Photoshop – Step by Step

Whether you just start with a pen tablet or are already an experienced user, there are some things that you need to know. Just to make sure that your device works as desired. This in-depth guide describes how to use your graphic tablet along with Photoshop following step-by-step instructions.

  • The first step involves installing your tablet’s drivers, which will make certain that it is recognized by Photoshop and the rest of your computer.
  • You need to tell Photoshop whether you want to use pressure sensitivity or not. You can also assign a shortcut key for pressure-sensitive strokes in this step. It is recommended that you choose yes, as it is an essential feature for drawing.
  • How you will work with Photoshop, is directly linked to the settings that you have chosen in this step of the process. When you are done configuring your pen tablet and are ready to start working, click on OK to close out of the dialog box.
  • You need to make a decision about which tool you want to use for drawing. Some sketching tablets have a built-in eraser tool, but if your pen tablet doesn’t, then Photoshop will provide you with one that you can use.
  • It is highly recommended to change the brush size depending on the zoom level of your display screen so that you can see everything more clearly while drawing. The larger the brush size, the more time it will take you to complete a simple task. There are two ways of achieving these larger-sized brushes: Option A – Just click on plus sign(+) beside the Brush Size option in Tool Options palette; or Option B– You can also use your pen tablet’s scroll wheel (if it has one).
  • You need to set the Pen Pressure because the pressure you apply when using a pen tablet is handled in a different way than how it would be handled if you were drawing with just your mouse. Pressure sensitivity gives you finer control on Photoshop’s brushes as well as its eraser tool.
  • Only brushes created using Photoshop will respond to pen pressure, which means that if you want a preset brush to have pressure sensitivity, it needs to be modified until it turns into a brush that Photoshop can recognize.

When you are done setting up your pen tablet, it’s time to draw something on Photoshop. Just follow these simple steps:

1. Go to Paintbrush Tool from the toolbar. Choose any shape as the foreground color and choose white as the background.

2. Click on Brush Panel or press “F5”. This will open the Brush Panel palette. There are several different types of brushes: Bristle, Calligraphic, Art, Airbrush, and Dynamics.

3. Choose any brush you want to use from the list (your choice which one works best for you) and set your desired brush Size by using the slider beside it or pressing Numpad plus (+) (for bigger brushes) or Numpad minus (-) (for smaller brushes).

4. Change the stroke color by clicking on the tiny box beside Stroke Color and then select from the drop-down menu a different color tone you like.

5. Press F5 to close the Brush Panel palette.

6. Now that you have opened the Paintbrush Tool, it is time for you to apply brush strokes on your document. You can do this with a mouse or by simply holding down the Alt key and dragging with your pen tablet cursor:

7. Once you are done applying paint strokes to your image, it’s time to start erasing. Just hold down the Alt key and drag with your pen tablet cursor:

8. When you are done, press Ctrl+E on your keyboard to merge all the layers into a new layer so that you can add another painting or photo editing. Repeat as many times as necessary until you achieve the desired result.

How to Set Up Your Pen Tablet on Photoshop?

Your pen tablet should come with a driver CD that you need to load before you are able to use it in Photoshop. If not, download the latest drivers from your manufacturer’s website first and then install them on your computer.

After launching Photoshop for the first time, go to Edit->Preferences(Windows) or Photoshop->Preferences (Mac OS X).

Then, select the ‘Input’ tab in the preferences panel on top and click ‘Tablet Settings’. Now you’ll be able to calibrate your pen tablet.

How to Calibrate Your Pen Tablet in Photoshop

1. Click on the ‘Calibrate’ button that will be highlighted after you click on the ‘Coordinate’ tab in your preferences panel.

2. Follow the steps displayed on-screen to calibrate your pen tablet. Make sure that you follow all the instructions given and do not skip any of them; this is very important for proper calibration.

3. After you are finished with choosing settings, you’ll be able to use your pen tablet with Photoshop. Always remember to check the “Enable Pressure Controls” box for a better and more customizable experience while working on PS projects.

4. Optimize Photoshop’s settings Before you start using any graphics tablet for photo editing, you should optimize image performance in Photoshop.

Final Thoughts

The tablet comes with a pen or stylus which makes manipulating digital designs more like traditional art-making. To master pen tablet photoshop tools you must have basic photoshop knowledge like working with panels, tools, layers, and channels. If you are a beginner in photoshop then I recommend you to start with this tutorial and go step by step

If you can follow the above information, then I am sure that you can use Pen tablet as your best assistant in Photoshop.

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